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Transportation Industry Regulation Consulting - Development, Compliance and Review - for Employers and DOT Industry
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    Transportation Industry consulting brings compliance expertise and best practice insight to your organization.

    Professional, friendly service equal to our expertise.


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Providing Transportation Industry Regulation Consulting Nationwide

DISA Global Solutions, formerly Real Occupational Testing Services, is a state-of-the-art drug testing facility that provides Transportation Industry Regulation consulting services for employers nationwide. Transportation companies choose DISA because of our high level of commitment to personalized, knowledgeable and expert regulation consulting for employers in the transportation industry. 

Transportation industry regulation consulting service provided by DISA is affordable and accurate, with personal service that is fast, reliable, warm, friendly and professional.


DISA brings compliance expertise and best practice insight into your organization.

DISA can assist your company with the customized development of the Department of Transportation (DOT) policies and procedures documentation created specifically for your organization and its unique requirements. Our comprehensive service makes it simpler for your company to stay in compliance with ever-changing regulations. 

If your company already has policies and procedures in place, we can review your policies and procedures to assure that they are comprehensive, up-to-date and adhere to best practices of the industry.

DISA has over two decades of experience in the transportation industry and has helped develop policies for companies of all sizes including:

• DOT Policy Development
• DOT Process Review
• Regulatory Compliance
• Employee Handbooks
• DOT Audit Preparation


Real Occupational Testing Services will help you prepare for and pass an audit.

When you have been selected for an audit, whether it is from the US Department of Transportation, the California Highway Patrol or from some other regulatory agency, don’t take a chance on being caught unprepared. Real Occupational will take you through the steps needed for a compliant and stress-free audit. We will assist you with preparation in the following areas:

• Policy and Procedure Manuals/Training and Education Manuals – What is essential wording and content to use, and just as importantly, what you should leave out.
• Training and Education – Which employees need what types of training and education, the duration of the training according to the specific subject matter, and how often the training/education should occur.
• Drug Testing – What types of tests are required, when they are required to be administered, how often they should be repeated and what the exact protocol is for administering each test.
• Effect of new marijuana laws – Marijuana is still considered a class 1 drug and medical as well as recreational marijuana is still not allowed under the US Dept. of Transportation regulations. (If you hire drivers that have a medical marijuana certificate they will test positive and you are putting yourself and your company at risk!)
• Employee files – What types of interactions with employees need to be documented, and which types of original documents are essential to have in each employee file. In addition, which documents must be signed by both the employee and the employer.
• Documentation – what is considered clear and thorough documentation for purposes of both the audit and for further legal considerations.
Prioritization – What types of employee situations, training, and drug testing are most likely to be scrutinized and need to be the most carefully documented.
Fine-tuning HR skills – How to distinguish between what looks like it may be employee drug use and what is a personnel problem with the same presenting symptoms (For example, the employee is late for work, appears disheveled, asks to borrow money, etc.)
• Presentation of requested documents – Preparing to present documents such as TPA summaries, MIS reports, and Reasonable Suspicion Training for supervisors to the regulatory agency conducting the audit.

In addition, DISA will take you through the considerations needed for Selecting a Random Drug and Alcohol Program Provider such as provider location, ease and turn-around of obtaining results, and fee schedule (flat rate or a fee per test), etc.

Set yourself up for peace of mind while protecting yours and your company’s interests.


Schedule Transportation Industry Regulation Consulting 

Choose DISA to perform transportation industry regulation consulting in order to ensure reliability, accuracy, and confidentiality while providing professional, friendly and respectful service equal to our expertise.

To schedule a transportation industry regulations review or pre-audit preparation for your company, please call us at 1-800-690-4362 today.

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