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Drug & Alcohol Policy Creation and Review Consulting for Employers and DOT Industry
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    A well-crafted and reviewed Drug & Alcohol policy helps reduce legal liability and insurance costs.

    Professional, friendly service equal to our expertise.


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Providing Drug and Alcohol Policy Creation and Review Consulting Nationwide

DISA Global Solutions, formerly Real Occupational Testing Services, is a state-of-the-art drug testing facility that provides Drug Policy Creation and Review consulting services for employers nationwide. Companies choose DISA Services because of our high level of commitment to personalized, knowledgeable and expert creation and review of drug policies and programs for employers.

Drug policy creation and review services provided by DISA are affordable and accurate, with personal service that is fast, reliable, warm, friendly and professional.


Employee Drug & Alcohol Policy Creation

Whether any US business is part of a DOT-regulated industry or not, ALL companies should adopt a comprehensive and well-designed drug & alcohol policy for employees. This policy should be customized for a company’s specific circumstances, industry and location.

DISA can help any company design and implement an employee drug testing policy carefully tailored to their specific needs, customized according to their industry, circumstances, contracts, and insurance carriers, in addition to current best practices and state and federal regulations. We have experience treating drug & alcohol policies for every size company and every type of industry in every state.

Drug and Alcohol Policy Components

A well-designed drug and alcohol policy will help protect your company when a drug or alcohol problem arises with one or more employees.

Aside from providing supervisor training, employee education, and designing programs and protocols for substance abuse testing, a well-crafted drug-free workplace policy may include:

• How to correctly document and report a suspected incident including reporting observances in real-time as opposed to making general statements (“The employees had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and smell of beer”, vs. “the employee was drunk.”)
• Various disciplinary options the company can choose to take should the employee be found to be under the influence or have a positive drug test such as immediate termination vs. keeping the employee and having them go through a mandatory substance abuse program with a clean return to work duty test, and 3-5 years worth of follow-up testing.
• Compliance with State and Federal laws such as those requiring documentation of your drug and alcohol policy being signed by employees, that a copy is given to the employee, and that the original is maintained in each employee's file.


Employee Drug & Alcohol Policy Compliance Review

DISA provides drug and alcohol policy reviews for companies that already have an employee policy in place.

A policy that was considered comprehensive and right for your company only a year ago might not be considered so now. DOT, state and federal agencies’ policies are always changing, along with insurance and provider contract requirements.

All regulated companies have a legal responsibility to assure that their drug and alcohol policy is compliant DOT, state, federal regulations, and is designed with best legal and business practices in mind.


Drug & Alcohol Policy – DOT Regulations

All companies that are regulated by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), or other state and federal laws, are required to have a drug and alcohol policy in place. Severe penalties may be levied for companies failing to do so. Alternately, certain rebates or discounts can be awarded to your company from the government, insurance agencies, or other entities for compliance.


Schedule Consulting for Drug & Alcohol Policy Creation and Review 

Choose DISA to assist in reviewing or creating company drug and alcohol policies to ensure reliability, accuracy, and confidentiality while providing professional, friendly and respectful service equal to our expertise.

To create or review a drug and alcohol testing policy for your company and employees, please call us at 1-800-690-4362 today.

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Drug and Alcohol Policy Review

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