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    On-site drug and alcohol testing for DOT-regulated organizations reduces downtime, increases confidence.

    Professional, friendly service equal to our expertise.


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Providing Affordable On-Site DOT Drug Testing Nationwide

DISA Global Solutions, formerly Real Occupational Testing Services, is a state-of-the-art drug testing facility that provides low-cost on-site DOT drug testing services nationwide. Companies that are Department of Transportation-regulated choose Real Occupational Testing Services because of our high level of commitment to personalized, knowledgeable and expert on-site DOT drug testing services.

On-site DOT drug testing services provided by DISA are affordable and accurate, with personal service that is fast, reliable, warm, friendly and professional.


On-Site DOT Drug Testing - The Purpose

On-site DOT drug testing is a convenient service we can offer DOT-regulated businesses in most areas. Though it is not always required, performing on-site DOT testing of employees for alcohol and drugs is highly recommended. On-site DOT drug testing is especially recommended if you require testing due to reasonable suspicion or post-accident circumstances. Not only can on-site DOT testing reduce down time and lost productivity, but it can increase the confidence in the reliability of the drug testing results.

Real Occupational can conduct the following on-site DOT drug testing services:

Breath Alcohol Testing
Federal Drug Testing
On-site DOT Drug Testing

Our mobile and on-site DOT drug testing services are accurate, convenient and cost-effective.

DISA also administers DOT/DMV Medical Exams on-site including physicals and physical ability exams.


On-Site DOT Drug Testing - The Process

Our technicians will come to your facility (or any location you designate where your employees are located) and administer the collections on your employees.

While there is a nominal additional charge per collection, this charge varies based on the volume of collections performed. In order to be cost-effective, there is typically a minimum number of collections that must be conducted.

The pricing and minimums vary per region, so please inquire for more information.


Schedule your On-site DOT Drug Test

Choose DISA to perform on-site DOT drug testing to ensure reliability, accuracy, and confidentiality while providing professional, friendly and respectful service equal to our expertise.

To schedule your on-site DOT drug test, please call us at 1-800-690-4362 today.

Why Choose Drug DNA Testing

DOT Alcohol & Drug Testing Services

DOT Breath Alcohol Testing

DOT breath alcohol testing that meets program requirements for mandated companies.

DOT Federal Drug Testing

Fast and affordable federal drug testing to help your company comply with DOT regulations.

On-Site DOT Drug Testing

On-site DOT drug testing is fast, accurate, convenient and cost effective.

DOT/DMV Medical Exams

DOT Medical Exams assure that employees possess minimum physical ability to perform tasks.