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DMV/DOT Medical Exams - DMV/DOT Medical Testing - Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Medical Testing
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Providing Affordable DMV Medical Exams and Testing Services Nationwide

DISA Global Solutions, formerly Real Occupational Testing Services, is a state-of-the-art drug testing facility that provides affordable DMV Medical Exams and DMV Medical Testing nationwide. Individuals and companies choose DISA because of our high level of commitment to providing personalized, knowledgeable and expert DMV Medical Exams and DMV medical testing services.

DMV medical exams and DMV medical testing services provided by DISA are affordable and accurate, with personal service that is fast, reliable, warm, friendly and professional.


DMV Medical Exams and Testing – The Purpose

The nature of driving and traffic requires at least two things. One is that motorists of private and commercial vehicles be properly trained and tested on the operation of their vehicles. Second, that those drivers meet a standard of physical condition that is necessary for consistently safe driving performance.

The most obvious concern is that all drivers be free of alcohol and other mind-altering substances. The second is that an underlying disease or other physical condition such as diabetes, impaired vision, or seizure or sleep disorders do not impair judgment or reaction time while operating a vehicle.

The heightened concern over the medical and mental conditions of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators is due to the fact they operate larger vehicles that in a crash cause greater bodily injury and death to others on the road. Also, businesses that depend on transportation and drivers of vehicles have a greater degree of financial liability.


DMV Medical Exams and Testing – The Process

Because this matter is so crucial to public safety, and because drivers may (and often do) cross state lines in the course of their work, there are federal standards and regulations that dictate how and by whom medical exams and testing are conducted in conjunction with the granting of CMV licenses.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation, publishes rules and regulations around those who test driver’s license applicants. Qualifying testing organizations are on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, indicating that those testing organizations have been tested, trained, and certified to conduct medical examinations of CMV drivers.

A urine test also looks for elevated levels of sugar and protein, which may indicate the presence of diabetes or kidney disease. Other medical tests look for high blood pressure, poor vision, epilepsy, advanced heart diseases, and mental disorders such as dementia. Impaired or missing limbs are most often disqualifiers for obtaining a CMV license.


Schedule DMV Medical Exams and DMV Medical Testing

Choose DISA to perform DMV medical exams and DMV medical testing to ensure reliability, accuracy, and confidentiality while providing professional, friendly and respectful service equal to our expertise.

To schedule DMV medical exams and testing, please call us at 1-800-690-4362 today.

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