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Mobile Employee Drug Testing - Onsite Drug Testing for Employees - Drug & Alcohol Testing
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    On-site testing prevents delays, lost work time – we travel to you to achieve compliance, reliability.

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Providing Affordable Mobile Drug Testing Nationwide

DISA Global Solutions, formerly Real Occupational Testing Services, is a state-of-the-art drug testing facility that provides low-cost employee mobile drug testing services nationwide. Companies choose DISA because of our high level of commitment to personalized, knowledgeable and expert mobile drug testing services for employers.

Employee mobile drug testing services provided by DISA are affordable and accurate, with personal service that is fast, reliable, warm, friendly and professional.


Mobile Drug Testing - The Purpose 

Mobile drug testing for employees is cost-effective. Employers need not be concerned about making sure the employee gets to and from the testing site. Employees can continue to work until they are ready for testing and then return to work immediately upon completion.

Employers no longer have to compensate employees for lost time due to travel, traffic delays or shy bladder. Employers limit their liability exposure for employee travel to and from a testing facility.


Mobile Drug Testing - The Process

Mobile drug testing is a convenient way to save time and money when testing your employees. Our specially trained technicians will come to your facility - or any location you designate - and perform the drug testing of your employees on-site. Mobile drug testing is a quick, simple and convenient solution to employee drug testing.

Employers designate DISA to become their drug program administrator. We report the results, keep all the records, help with your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and/or assist in locating a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) for an employee who has tested positive.

Some employers choose to contract their drug testing to another laboratory and medical review officer. In this instance, we manage the laboratory's chain of custody forms, kits, air bills and ensure that the employer’s protocol for collection is followed.

What is the cost of mobile drug testing for employees?

Pricing for mobile drug testing is per collection. This price varies based on the volume of collections performed, the number of collectors needed the length of the testing period(s), etc.

In order to offer an accurate price quote, we will require this information:

• How many employees need to be drug tested?
• How many shifts need to be drug tested?
• How far away are you from the collection site?
• Do you have a secured area for testing?
• Do you need drug testing in more than one location?


Schedule your Employee Mobile Drug Test

Choose DISA to perform employee mobile drug testing to ensure reliability, accuracy, and confidentiality while providing professional, friendly and respectful service equal to our expertise.

To schedule mobile drug testing for employees, please call us at 1-800-690-4362 today.

Why Choose Drug DNA Testing

Employee Drug Testing Services

Mobile Drug Testing

Mobile drug testing limits liability and increases confidence in the test result.

Random Drug Testing

Random testing is an affordable and simple way to meet Federal guidelines.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Pre-employment drug testing ensures a safe and productive workplace.

Post Accident Testing

Post-accident testing accesses whether drug or alcohol use caused an accident.

Rapid Drug Testing

Rapid drug testing of employees is efficient and produces reliable results.