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On-site Drug Testing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about On-site Drug Testing

We have found that Onsite Testing is the most effective way to drug test large groups of employees with a minimal loss of productivity. When making the decision to test on-site, at your location, it is always best to consider what is best and most cost efficient for your company. Our FAQ’s will offer you information on conducting on-site testing and will help save you money.

Q: Why perform On-site Drug Testing?

It is usually cost effective to have someone come to your facility and do the Drug Testing than it is to lose your employee for more than one or two hours due to such delays as being stuck in traffic, the employee not being ready for the Drug Testing, the employee milking the clock etc. A normal on-site Drug Test will take about 15 minutes at most and then your employee can go right back to work with little loss of time.

Q: What is essential to do On-Site Drug Testing?

The company has a drug and alcohol policy in place AND each employee has signed that they agree to the company's Drug Testing policy.

Q: What are the costs associated with On-Site Drug Testing?

Costs will vary according to such key factors as: which shifts are being Drug Tested, how many people are you going to drug test, how far away you are from the testing facility (travel time) and what controlled substances (drugs) are you testing for. All of theses are factors when you decide perform on-site Drug Testing. Be prepare to know what you want or ask for guidance from the Drug Testing company you hire which testing is best for you.

Q: Is there anything special I need to do to prepare for On-Site Drug Testing?

Yes. A restroom should be secured; preferably not a public restroom that is used by more than one businesses.

Q: Is there a better time over another to schedule the on-site Drug Testing?

It is wise for employers to be sensitive to employee's breaks or meal times. This is both cost effective and sensitive to the employee's needs.

Q: Should we notify employees of the on-site Drug Testing?

Usually little or no notice to employees works best. Performing the Drug Testing as employees report for work is often the best timing for everyone.

Q: Should I have a place set aside for the on-site Drug Testing?

Yes, controlling the environment insures employee confidentiality and any concerns they may have. It also elevates any potential problems during the Drug Testing process.

Q: What if employees they have a shy bladder?

Have a place for these employees. It is wise to have them under some type of supervision until they have completed the Drug Testing.

Q: What is the Key to performing On-Site Testing effectively?

Planning is the key to effective on-site Drug Testing. Make certain that your company's Drug Testing policy is in place and that you have some type of restroom facilities, scheduling around employee shifts, and that you know what to do if a problem arises. Consult the Drug Testing company for help in all those areas and more.

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