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DNAUnited States citizens can petition for their spouses, parents, children or siblings to immigrate to the United States.  Permanent residents can petition for spouses and unmarried children.

In most cases there are sufficient written records to validate relationships and satisfy the requirements of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). If more evidence of a biological relationship is needed, a voluntary Immigration DNA Test may be advised. These tests are typically requested for immigration and passports, and sometimes for other reasons deemed appropriate by the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services Department. It is important to ask the reason a testing is being advised or required, as that will dictate which U.S. agency is responsible for sample collection and receiving reports.

What is the cost of Immigration DNA Testing?

The Immigration DNA Testing subjects must pay fees. The fees are not paid by the USCIS or the Embassy. There are two fees associated with Immigration DNA Testing:

  1. A DNA Test Fee that covers:
    1. DNA Test - Paternity, Maternity, Siblings, etc.
  2. An Immigration Handling Fee that covers:
    1. Shipment of DNA Testing kit from our certified labs to the US.

Embassy/Collection site

  • Return shipment of samples from the foreign collection site to our certified lab *
  • Shipment of the original report and documents from Chromosomal Labs to the USCIS/U.S. Embassy

What does the petitioner need to do for the Immigration DNA Testing Collection?

The United States resident/citizen is the "petitioner."  We will set up an appointment for the petitioner to have their sample collected at a facility close to their home.

Petitioner will need:

  • A government issued photo identification;
  • A copy of the letter from the USCIS/Embassy asking for the Immigration DNA Test.

If this letter is not available we would require any document they have received stating their government issued case number.  The USCIS/ Embassy paperwork is necessary to match the laboratory results to the correct government case.

What does the beneficiary need for the Immigration DNA Testing Collection?

The person residing outside of the United States is the "beneficiary."  The beneficiary's collection will be done at the U.S. Embassy in their country or at a site approved by their U.S. Embassy.  A sample collection kit must be sent directly from our laboratories to that site. This shipping cost is included in the immigration-handling fee.

Real Occupational Testing Services or our laboratory will then supply you with the tracking number, or the appointment information. Some countries contact the persons in their country with an appointment time, while other countries contact the petitioner with an appointment time. On the other hand, some countries contact the laboratory with an appointment time. The fees to be paid for the collection are NOT included in the immigration fee.

The cost is bore by the persons in the foreign country. The beneficiary needs to take government issued identification with them to the collection appointment.

Processing of Samples Shipped from a Foreign Country

After collection, the U.S. Embassy or their designee sends the samples directly to our laboratory. The fees for this shipment are included in the immigration-handling fee. The laboratory will provide you with a tracking number for this shipment; however we cannot guarantee that the shipper will use the air bill provided.

NOTE: A small number of countries require the persons in the foreign country to bear these shipping costs. This will not change the immigration handling fees. The laboratory will notify you if you are working with one of these countries.

Immigration DNA Testing Results and Documentation

Once all of the samples and necessary documentation have been received, a sample receipt email will be sent to inform you that the samples have arrived from the foreign country. Test results will be available in 2-6 business days, depending on the testing scenario. Initially, you will receive the test results by fax or email.

Final Report

The U.S. Government requires that the final results be received directly from the testing laboratory. Our laboratory will ship two notarized copies of the test results and the original photographs and documents to the USCIS office or U.S. Embassy.  It is important that the test participants ensure the laboratory knows where to ship the results.  Real Occupational Testing

Service or the laboratory will provide a FedEx tracking number for this shipment. The fees for this shipment will be included in the immigration-handling fee.

The USCIS typically requires one to two weeks to process their report after they have received the results report from the Laboratory.

To schedule your Immigration DNA Test, please call 1-800-690-4DNA (4362) or fill out the form below to be contacted by one of our knowledgeable and friendly DNA Testing Consultants.

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