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Affordable Avuncular DNA Testing

DNAAvuncular DNA Testing involves testing the child's paternal aunt or uncle (the alleged father's sister or brother). Including the mother in this test is strongly recommended as it strengthens the genetic evidence. Generally, this test will not give results as strong as a grandparentage test, but it is still a good option if the only people available for testing are the alleged father's siblings.

An Avuncular DNA Test is done by establishing a link between the DNA of a child and the DNA of an alleged aunt or uncle. It is important to note that aunts and uncles will have only one quarter of their genes in common with a child, whereas parents and children have half their genes in common.

This test is only recommended if the paternal grandparents are unavailable as well as the alleged father. Nonetheless, it will provide a numerical probability for the alleged familial relationship.

How are DNA specimens collected?

Specimens are easily obtained from inside of the mouth with a cotton swab. We make the process of specimen collections convenient for everyone involved by handling all of the arrangements. We will provide a site for you to have your samples collected if you are testing in another state.

Avuncular DNA Test (Mother, Child, Aunt or Uncle): $450.00, receive results in 5-7 days

Avuncular DNA Test (Child, Aunt or Uncle): $350.00, receive results in 5-7 days

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