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When verifying employment, our skilled employment verification investigators know what the law allows.

background tabA prospective employee offers distinct experience and skills, which of course is the basis for hiring him or her and at a certain compensation level. But what is written on a resume and claimed in a job interview does not always square with real events.

This is why independent employment history verifications are very important. Particularly in a fluid economy, when job seekers are moving geographically, often transitioning to a new field outside their previous industry, the applicants to sought-after positions may be unknown to hiring personnel. The task of verifying past employment requires both technical and intuitive skills on the part of the employment history investigators.

To illustrate, consider how state laws differ on what can and cannot be disclosed. In California, a former employer is legally permitted (by Civil Code 47c; Labor Code 1053, 1055) to discuss with the prospective employer the candidate’s job titles, dates of hire and departure. But what surprises many is that job performance, reasons for termination or separation, knowledge, qualifications, skills and abilities “based on credible evidence,” as well as eligibility for rehire, are also fair questions for a hiring organization to ask.

That said there is no requirement for the former employer to divulge that information. Past employers may be reluctant to provide qualitative information for reasons relating to liability (some states such as Arizona and Nevada provide immunity to former employers, however that is not the case in California). This is why skilled employment verification specialists should conduct an employment background check.

Private companies are not required to disclose salary information, however public utilities and some government agencies are. The depth of employment history checks vary by job title, of course, where higher-paid and more prominent employees need to be investigated to a greater degree.

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