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When job candidates “fudge” educational credentials on their resume, sophisticated research can uncover fraud.

background tabFrom time to time a story will appear in the media about an executive or even medical doctor faking their way through important jobs with false educational credentials. One may ask, “If they could do the job, what difference does it make?” In fact, an employer risks quite a bit if the employee turns out to make expensive mistakes or inflicts harm on others. The employer could be sued for negligent hiring.

The human capital management company ADP reported in its 2009 Hiring Index that 46 percent of employment, education and credential reference checks reveal discrepancies. A portion of job candidates’ fictions centers around education and degrees.

In some cases, a job candidate with an incomplete degree program might fraudulently claim to have graduated. In other cases, a “diploma mill” firm might have been awarded that actually involved no learning. To avoid hiring an individual who is guilty of this fraud, the Society for Human Resource Management advises employers to use a background screening company.

Checking a job candidate’s records directly with the purported educational institution, however, comes with challenges:

  • Some schools only release records to the student or graduate, not third parties.
  • Names come with variations, such as the woman who took her husband’s surname but was single while attending school.
  • Many schools do not release GPAs or other grade information.
  • Some records are not posted for public view until months after the student reached a milestone or earned an academic citation.
  • Some schools are paper based, which delays the hiring process.

For organizations that hire people on a regular basis – even more so for companies undergoing a business expansion – this research is unwieldy and time consuming. A thorough check via employment background research specialists is advised.

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