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Employee Background Screening in Riverside, San Bernardino Counties and San Gabriel Valley

Background checks have become a vital process in the hiring of new applicants. We offer fast, affordable and reliable services.

background tabReal Occupational is proud to offer fast, affordable, and reliable employee background screening services. We offer many different types of background screens depending on your needs as an employer.

Background screening is an important tool to add to your hiring process. Background checks are required for applicants of a safety-sensitive position or a position with security concerns, although they have been proven to be beneficial to companies across all industries and job types.

As a business owner or human resources professional, you can create your own service bundle for your employees depending on your specific needs as an employer. We also offer an online tracking system so that you can check the status on your applicant’s background screen with ease. Our system is customized for your company and also includes an online application.

Types of Background Screening

Social Security Trace

An employee social security trace is used to verify names and addresses that have been provided by the applicant, along with verifying whether or not the Social Security number appears on the Master Death Index.

Criminal History Search

An employee criminal history search is used to disclose an applicant’s criminal history. There are different types of Criminal Searches depending on your needs as an employer

Motor Vehicle Report

An employee motor vehicle report is used to obtain current status on the License and Driving history of an applicant. This report usually includes Points, Tickets, Accidents, and Administrative Action.

Commercial Driver License Info System (CDLIS) Report

A CDLIS report is used to obtain information on current and past Commercial License information and any violations or actions.

Employment Verification

Employment verification is used to verify past or present dates of employment, job title, job performance, and/or reason for leaving.

Education Verification

Education verification is used to verify attendance, diplomas/degrees, and achievements from the educational institution provided by the applicant.

Professional License Verification

Professional license verification is used to verify license, status, issue/renewal dates, and any disciplinary action against the applicant’s professional license.

If you have questions regarding employee background screening or would like more information, please call us at 1-800-690-4362 or fill out the form below to be contacted by one of our knowledgeable and friendly Background Screening Consultants.

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