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As commercial vehicle operation is the biggest vulnerability of businesses, the CDLIS identifies unqualified drivers.

background tabWhile most matters of motor vehicle licensing is administered on a state-level basis, the Commercial Driver’s License Info System, or CDLIS, is a national database. The nature of commercial vehicle operation is such that long-haul truckers and others commercial entities that employ drivers routinely across state lines, therefore a uniform, national standard was established.

The objectives for any employer – ranging from those with a single driver on up to companies that carry a full fleet of trucks and drivers – is to hire the best employees, to minimize unnecessary costs, to protect enterprise assets and to promote public safety. The CDLIS helps ensure each of these.

The system also provides a database against which individual driving behaviors and privileges can be assessed. A search of the CDLIS database yields key information that can be important to employers, including:

  • Convictions and license withdrawals issued in other states
  • Confirmation of name, date of birth and social security number
  • AKA information (“also known as,” such as former or previous names and corresponding birth dates and state driver’s license numbers)

Searching in the database is critical and exhaustive. As of 2013, the CDLIS had 14.6 million driver records, with approximately 40,000 added per month.

The CDLIS program is mandated under the 1986 Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act; running a search on a potential hire in the CDLIS complies with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirements. Since 1992, it has operated in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Note that no driver is required to hold a federal license; rather, each state is required to establish minimum standards that meet the federal standards. Those standards apply to Class A, Class B and Class C vehicle operation.

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